On-line Resources

Android Apps

IOS Apps

There are many apps on iOS as well.  Most are paid apps but there are some good free options.

Check out...

1. EarBeater

2. EarMaster

3. Quiztones

Interval Song List

Peer Tutoring

Here are the instructions for signing up for tutoring.

First, register at humber.ca/learningresources by clicking “get a tutor.”


Once you register, you will sign a contract and Humber will provide them with a log in on Upswing, a new online platform we moved to this year which manages all of our tutoring appointments.


With Upswing, tutoring is available online and in-person.


Our Student Learners (tutees) would go online to their Upswing account and search their course code or tutor by name.


After searching the course code or tutor, Student Learners would be able to see when tutoring is available and will be able to book an appointment.