Final Exam - Tuesday, Dec 10 (in-class)

Quiz #4 - Harmonic Dictation - Nov 14

This quiz will focus on the Major ii/v/I movement.  ii/v's may/will move in ascending or descending fashion by half or whole step.

You will be responsible for notating not only the chord symbols for any given dictation but also the root, 3rd and 7th voices in each dictation.

Final Performance Test - Nov 26/28

You are expected to be able to sing the following materials...

  • 2-note Intervals​ (Ascending then Descending)
    • up to 1 octave​
  • 3-note chords (Ascending then Descending)
    • Maj, min, dim (all with possible 1st & 2nd inversions​)
    • Augemented 3-note chords (no inversions)​
  • 4-note chords (Ascending then descending)

  • Maj7, Maj7#11, 7, 7b9, 7#9, min7, min7b5, dim7, ​7sus2, 7sus4

  • Major mode scales

  • Melodic Sight-reading 

  • Non-diatonic Intervalic Sight-reading

  • Rhythmic Sight-reading (to be vocalised with Tah)

Mid-term EXAM - Oct 29

The following material will be on the Mid-term WRITTEN exam...

  1. 2-note Intervals​ (Ascending & Descending)

  2. 3-note chords (Ascending & Descending)

    • Wholetone, Major, minor, diminished

    • all w/possible 1st and 2nd inversions ​

  3. 4-note chords (Ascending)

    • Maj7, Maj7#11, 7, 7b9, 7#9, min7, min7b5, dim7, ​7sus2, 7sus4

  4. Diatonic Melodic Dictation (up to 4 bars)

  5. Non-diatonic Intervalic Dictation (up to 6 notes)

  6. Rhythmic Dictation (4/4 & 3/4 - up to 3 bars)

Transcription Assignment


(Handed in & Performed)

LEARN & TRANSCRIBE the following solo assigned to YOUR CLASS. Your transcription and performance should not just capture the notes of the solo but also the performance inflections (ie. inflections, dynamics, articulations, etc.).  Include as much detail as possible in your written and live performance of the solo.


Practice the solo and be prepared to perform it In-Class BY MEMORY on your main instrument. You will be performing with iReal Pro so tempo is flexible within reason.

Singers, you are expected to sing it impeccably.

Drummers, you must perform the solo on another instrument (piano, xylophone, bass, etc.).  Tempo adjustments are allowed if you are not as strong on your secondary instrument.

10:45 CLASS

11:40 CLASS

Chorale In-Class Performance Test 1

Sept 24

You will perform your assigned Bach Chorale in you individually assigned group.  

Each the chorale FROM MEMORY.  No sheet music will be allowed.  Your starting notes will be given on piano.

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