107 Major Assigment Dates

  1. Transcription (Jan 28)

  2. Mid-term Exam (Feb 13)

  3. Performance Test (Mar 10/12)

  4. Final Performance (Mar 24/26)

(*Quizzes will be announced in-class.)

Transcription - DUE Jan 28, 2020

Learn, "by ear", the solo that corresponds to your class time.  This is a performance test ONLY.  No written transcription is required.  You will perform the solo MEMORIZED along with an iReal Pro backing track (not the actual recorded track).  Tempos are flexible.

10:45am Class - Dick Oatts solo from Like Someone In Love (Jimmy Van Heusen)

11:40am Class - Roy Hargrove solo from Gettin' To It (Christian McBride)

10:45am Class

11:40am Class

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